Steve Neff

Steve founded Neff Tattoo Studio in 2006 after a 5 year stint teaching art in a university. He holds an MFA degree from Ohio University in Athens and has been showing his work in galleries since the mid 90’s.

Over the years, nature themes have been a focus in all of his work which include wood, stone, and metal sculpture, as well as pottery.

He is extremely passionate about wildlife conservation and is obsessed with spending time close to nature.

He currently maintains an intense focus on custom black and grey tattooing which shows off the subtlety of the natural world in a beautiful way, and softens as it ages with each client.

"The less limitations I have with each design, the easier it is to create something unique for each of my clients, and I appreciate all the trust they give me to do something special for them."

Take a look below to see some of the work from his portfolio.


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